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Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation From Indiana Trial Lawyers

When you are facing serious legal matters, you deserve to have an attorney who will fight on your behalf with sound legal reasoning and a strategy that is informed with courtroom experience. Not all attorneys offer the same level of representation, which is why you should take the time to learn about your potential lawyer before committing to them.

The legal team at Hayes Law Office, in Indianapolis, offers its clients the dedicated and experienced representation they deserve from their attorneys. The firm’s criminal defense attorney takes every case seriously and fight to help clients secure a favorable outcome in their criminal defense cases. Hayes Law Office also provides thorough and aggressive representation to injury victims in personal injury matters.

Criminal Defense Representation You Can Trust

Making a mistake, or being caught in the middle of circumstances that lead to serious criminal charges can be daunting. The law firm you choose to defend your interests is an important decision. Hayes Law Office is not a firm that treats its clients like just another case in the file cabinet. Criminal defense lawyer Philip Hayes explores all possible options in your case before crafting a personalized strategy to pursue a meaningful outcome, with your goals and interests at the forefront. Mr. Hayes is a formidable courtroom lawyer who is ready to advise you and represent you with experience, skill and knowledge. To learn more about Mr. Hayes, please follow the link below.

Hayes Law Office is an affordable criminal defense law firm that provides assertive defense and straightforward guidance. This is not a hand-holding firm as your case is processed through the system. Mr. Hayes does the hard work to analyze the details of the case, the state’s evidence, the procedures used by law enforcement and the law in every matter. Hayes Law Office provides a vigorous defense to drug charges, DUI/OWI charges, domestic violence accusations and other offenses based on a strong command of the law–and a commanding presence in the courtroom.

Start Protecting Your Best Interests

No matter what kind of criminal charges you are facing, time is one of your most valuable assets. Give yourself the time you need in your case by contacting Hayes Law Office today. Call its Indianapolis office at 317-982-6122 or email the firm here to schedule your initial consultation. The sooner you reach out to the firm’s attorneys, the sooner they can begin fighting for you. Hayes Law Office represents clients throughout the Indianapolis area, including in Hamilton, Johnson, Hancock Marion counties.