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Can the police search my car, home, house, or belongings?

Yes. Normally, the police must get a warrant before searching someone’s premises for drugs. However, if they smell marijuana, see drug paraphernalia or otherwise have probable cause to believe there are illegal drugs present, they may search without a warrant. A police dog that is trained to sniff for drugs may indicate that there are drugs in a car, but there are rules as to when the police can prolong a traffic stop long enough to use such a dog.

What are the consequences of a conviction for possession of drugs in Indiana?

The classification of a conviction ranges from Class A misdemeanor to a Level 6 felony, depending on the substance involved, the amount of the drug in evidence and other factors. The penalties may range from time served to thousands of dollars in fines and up to 30 years in prison.

Can I be charged with possession if I am holding a friend’s prescription medication?

Yes, but a conviction will depend on the circumstances. If you are involved in your friend’s care and are picking up your friend’s prescription at a pharmacy, a pharmacist can use professional judgment to allow you to pick it up and then deliver it to your friend. In other circumstances, it may be considered illegal to have possession of a prescription that is not in your name.

Should I speak to a police officer after being arrested?

The guidance of the attorneys of this firm is no. The less you say before you get legal counsel, the better. If you tell the police that you want to speak to a lawyer, they are legally required to stop asking you questions.

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