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Defend Your Rights And Future When Facing Battery Charges

Any criminal charge is a serious matter, and battery charges are no exception. A conviction results in penalties and a criminal record. It is not uncommon for people charged with these crimes to be in a state of disbelief. They often believe that reports of an incident have been exaggerated or misconstrued or that apparently aggressive actions were justifiable as responses to others’ aggression.

Whatever circumstances led to your arrest, your response is critical now. It is foolish to leave your fate to chance by trying to defend yourself. Attorneys Philip Hayes have nearly two decades of criminal defense experience. You can entrust your battery case to the team at Hayes Law Office with confidence that you will be guided adeptly in the direction of the best outcome attainable in your case.

How Did Your Assault And Battery Charges Come About?

The word assault is about the imminent threat of violence; the word battery is about physical contact against someone. Assault and battery-type charges often arise when:

  • Arguments get out of hand
  • Disputes arise over who did what and when each part of the incident happened
  • It is unclear who the aggressor was

The answer to the question of who started the altercation may matter a great deal. Were your actions justified as self-defense? With an attorney from Hayes Law Office on your side, no defense strategy will go unexplored.

Variations On The Battery Theme

Your case may include allegations of criminal recklessness, which may be a felony if a deadly weapon was used or if you injured someone.

If the person who was allegedly hurt is your spouse or significant other, you may face charges of domestic battery.

When the trial lawyers at Hayes Law Office investigate all details and evaluate the facts of your case, they may discover there is no clear evidence against you. They are ready and willing to stand up for you before any prosecutor or judge.

Get Your Defense Strategy Going: Request A Consultation

The defense attorneys at the firm will fight for the best achievable outcome in your case, which may be:

  • Charges dismissed
  • Charges reduced
  • Penalties reduced
  • Probation or deferred disposition of your case

Explore your options and learn how to get your defense underway.

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