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Attorney Philip Hayes have the experience it takes to handle complex drug crime cases. From your first meeting with the lawyers, they will explain your rights and be straightforward about how they can help you obtain the most favorable outcome possible under the facts and circumstances of your unique situation. You have skilled negotiators in your corner who will become your voice before law enforcement and in the courtroom. They will build a solid defense to argue against the prosecutor’s case.

Developing A Personalized Strategy For You To Protect Your Reputation And Future

According to Indiana law, possession of drugs is a term that applies to illegal drugs and those prescribed by health care professionals. If you or someone you care about is facing an arrest or is under investigation by law enforcement due to unlawful possession of prescription drugs, you need legal representation.

A prescription drug crime may be a misdemeanor or a felony ranging from level 2 to 6, depending on some of the aspects below:

  • The quantity and type of drug
  • The place where the crime occurred
  • Your criminal record

Some of the charges an individual could face include:

  • Carrying prescription drugs without a bottle
  • Being in possession of a controlled substance without a prescription
  • Unlawfully distributing a drug

Potential sentences may range from one year of jail time in a county jail for class A misdemeanors to 30 years in prison for level two felonies. Your standing in society as well as potential opportunities such as jobs, loans, or even child custody are seriously at stake. Get the commanding presence you need in the courtroom to build your case in order to avoid the worst consequences of these charges.

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