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An Indianapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer To Protect Your Future

Criminal Defense lawyer Attorney Philip Hayes bring 18 years of courtroom experience to every case the criminal defense law firm handles. The legal team knows that the outcome of a conviction can result in serious consequences, which is why they fight to do whatever they can to improve the outcome of your case.

Mr. Hayes digs deep to analyze every detail, from finding and proving police errors, to challenging the evidence, to exposing the flaws in the prosecution’s case to seek to getting your charges reduced or dropped. Mr. Hayes looks at every available option and considers how it may benefit you.

What You Can Expect Of The Law Firm’s Criminal Defense Lawyer

At Hayes Law Office in Indianapolis, every client receives personalized representation throughout any criminal defense matter, including:

The worst outcomes of criminal charges can leave the convicted with a lifetime of consequences. The Indiana criminal defense attorney at Hayes Law Office goes to great lengths to protect his clients. Make the choice to see what Hayes Law Office can do for you, call 317-982-6122 now.

Criminal Charges May Lead To Collateral Consequences

In addition to trial-tested courtroom advocacy, the criminal defense legal team addresses the big picture throughout the criminal legal system. Collateral consequences may frequently arise after charges are brought. Hayes Law Office is a trusted resource for individuals to seek assistance in protecting and restoring privileges and records, including:

How Hayes Law Office Can Help You

The main objective of an Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer is to work hard reviewing and challenging the evidence to reduce the consequences of any crimes that the defendant has been part of. Without an attorney, the rights of the accused may not be properly protected and there is a higher chance that the accused individual will be convicted and sentenced in a more serious fashion than when represented by a skilled criminal defense lawyer

In today’s economic times, many employers are likely to verify the criminal backgrounds of their candidates. If given the opportunity to hire two equally qualified candidates, an employer may elect to hire the candidate without a conviction, charge, or arrest on their record, regardless of its nature. You must select an experienced attorney to learn about your rights and options in challenging the charges in the first place – or in some situations, seeking to have arrest and/or conviction records sealed or expunged.

A Lawyer Willing To Stand Strong On Your Behalf To Defend Against Serious Criminal Charges

By thoroughly investigating each case, we take a proactive approach to and finding weaknesses in the prosecution’s arguments, taking a commanding stance in pre-trial negotiations and placing our criminal defense in a position of strength. We do not sit idly and wait to see how the case proceeds. In many instances, we are able to have criminal charges reduced, dismissed, or at the very least resolved with reduced penalties. We are known for our commanding presence in the courtroom.

A good attorney discusses everything in detail and studies the criminal case to find the strengths and weaknesses. This will enable him to prepare a strong defense strategy and help the client get a fair trial. It is important to note that each type of offense may have its own nuances when it comes to creating a strong defense strategy.

Defense Strategies In Line With The Crimes Charged

Drug charges may involve search and seizure issues. Violent offenses, including domestic violence charges may often involve “he said, she said” versions of the facts. That is not to say that constitutional rights are not an avenue for your criminal defense attorney to explore. It is merely a part of the complexity of criminal defense that a strong criminal defense lawyer has developed through experience in the courtroom. We have the experience and proactive approach to defending against criminal charges.

Attorney Hayes has a strong command of Indiana criminal law. From understanding the elements the government must not only have probable cause to charge–but also what the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt, Hayes Law Office leaves no stone unturned. He works diligently to protect the rights of his clients. In many cases it may be most important to minimize the disruption that a simple mistake that leads to a misdemeanor or a felony criminal charge can cause. If a plea agreement is not completely in your best interest, Hayes Law Office will aggressively fight to protect your rights at a criminal trial and pursue the best possible outcome for your future.

Criminal defense strategies must take into account all of the potential consequences. Your lawyer needs to understand the sentencing guidelines, what aggravating or mitigating factors may exist. moreover, collateral consequences of conviction are sometimes important considerations for individuals. Hayes Law Office works with each client to fight for the best possible outcome.

An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney That Has Your Back

If you are facing criminal charges, now is the best time to reach out to a skilled criminal defense attorney. You can contact Hayes Law Office in Indianapolis by calling 317-982-6122. You may also send a brief message online to request a free consultation. The sooner you reach out to the firm, the sooner its attorneys can begin working on your case with your best interests at heart. Mr. Hayes represents clients from Carmel to McCordsville to Plainfield and throughout the Indianapolis area.