Commitment To Justice

A Criminal Defense Firm To Fight For You

The worst outcomes of criminal charges can leave the convicted with a lifetime of consequences. The Indiana criminal defense attorneys at Hayes Law Office go to great lengths to protect their clients. 

Attorneys Philip Hayes bring 18 years of courtroom experience to every case the firm handles. The legal team knows that the outcome of a conviction can result in serious consequences, which is why they fight to do whatever they can to improve the outcome of your case.

The  lawyers dig deep to analyze every detail, from finding and proving police errors to getting your charges reduced or dropped, the firm’s attorneys look at every available option and consider how it may benefit you.

What You Can Expect Of The Firm’s Criminal Defense Lawyers

At Hayes Law Office in Indianapolis, every client receives personalized representation throughout any criminal defense matter, including:

In addition to trial-tested courtroom advocacy, the criminal defense legal team addresses the big picture. Collateral consequences may frequently arise after charges are brought. Hayes Law Office is a trusted resource for individuals to seek assistance in protecting and restoring privileges and records, including:

Criminal Defense Attorneys That Have Your Back

If you are facing criminal charges, now is the best time to reach out to an attorney. You can contact Hayes Law Office in Indianapolis by calling 317-982-6122 or emailing the firm here. The sooner you reach out to the firm, the sooner its attorneys can begin working on your case with your best interests at heart.