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Gaining Indiana Specialized Driving Privileges After An OWI/DUI

When an operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI, often called a DUI) arrest results in the loss of your license, it can make nearly every area of your life more difficult. From taking your kids to school to getting to work every day, being able to drive is a privilege that is more than necessary. Even though your charges may have resulted in losing your license, it may be possible to gain limited driving privileges.

The Indiana criminal defense lawyer at Hayes Law Office works tirelessly to represent clients through all their criminal defense needs, as well as handling the possible collateral issues which may accompany these types of criminal charges.

Getting Help To Get Behind The Wheel

When someone in Indiana gets their license suspended, they have the option to try and invoke specialized driving privileges (previously referred to as a hardship license in Indiana). Earning these privileges is easier said than done, however. Thankfully, the firm’s attorney can help you build your strongest case to obtain these privileges.

Hayes Law Office takes the time to gather the necessary information in your unique situation and assemble it into your strongest case to earn these privileges. Criminal defense lawyer Philip Hayes knows what it takes to earn these benefits, and he does the legwork for you to help you get where you need to be.

To get started on regaining your driving privileges, call Hayes Law Office at 317-982-6122. Hayes Law Office represents clients throughout the Indianapolis area, including in Hamilton County, in Johnson County and in Marion County.

Consulting a specialized driving privileges attorney for a free consultation can help you to fully understand your options and move forward with the guidance of a professional attorney who takes command in all matters involving criminal charges.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Specialized Driving Privileges In Indiana

Losing your license can be scary. Most of us need the ability to drive to function in our everyday lives. We understand your apprehension but obtaining specialized driving privileges may be possible. Hayes Law Office is here to answer your questions. In the meantime, please see some answers to frequently asked questions about specialized driving privileges.

What are specialized driving privileges in Indiana?

Specialized driving privileges allow drivers with suspended licenses to legally drive to work, medical appointments, places of worship, grocery stores and other locations that the court will decide.

What conditions can the court add to specialized driving privileges?

The court will determine specialized driving privileges on a case-by-case basis. The judge will consider your charges and what other rules may apply if the court decides to grant driving privileges. For example, the judge can restrict your driving hours to certain times of day and the locations you are allowed to drive to. The judge can also require an ignition interlock device.

Who is eligible for specialized driving privileges?

If you never had a valid Indiana driver’s license, your license was revoked because you were deemed unfit to drive, or your operation of a vehicle caused someone else’s death, you may not be eligible for specialized driving privileges. Also, if you previously had been granted specialized driving privileges and you violated the terms, you will not qualify in the future.

How can I get specialized driving privileges in Indiana?

You must file a verified petition with the court that states the grounds for relief and the relief sought with the circuit or superior court. After you file the petition, the court will set a hearing date where a judge will determine your eligibility and the terms of your specialized driving privileges. Hayes Law Office can help you submit your petition and represent you in the hearing.

Let An Experienced Specialized Driving Privileges Lawyer Help You Get Back On The Road

A conviction for an OWI can keep you from recreational driving or running errands, but it should not keep you from working and putting food on your table. An experienced specialized driving privilege attorney can help you regain your ability to drive legally. Call the Indianapolis criminal defense office at 317-982-6122 or email the firm here to request a free consultation — and take the first step in getting back on the road.