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The legal risks of dumping controlled substance waste in Indiana

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2024 | Drug Crime Defense

Indiana has strict laws about the possession, sale and manufacture of controlled substances. These illicit substances have a dangerously high potential for abuse and addiction, so the state hands out severe penalties to anyone caught handling them.

In addition to prohibiting the possession, sale and manufacturing of illegal drugs, Indiana also outlaws the dumping of waste and other byproducts from the processing of controlled substances. What are the specifics of the state’s law against dumping, and what kind of penalties can you expect to face following conviction?

Illegal dumping is a felony

Under state law, it’s illegal to dump, discharge, discard or dispose of chemicals or waste, knowing that the materials were used in the illegal manufacture of a controlled substance or were produced during the illegal manufacture.

This rule isn’t limited to large-scale operations; even smaller amounts can result in felony charges.

The potential penalties

The penalties for dumping controlled substance waste can be severe. Violating this statute is a Level 6 felony in Indiana. On conviction, you might face up to two and a half years of prison time and $10,000 in fines. These penalties can add to other punishments you may be facing for controlled substance manufacturing.

Dumping controlled substance waste isn’t just an environmental crime; it’s a drug crime that can lead to harsh penalties. If you’re facing such charges, consider speaking with a legal professional. You’ll need to understand your legal options and navigate the complex court hearing procedure, which an attorney may be able to help with.