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Here at the Hayes Law Office, we take pride in making sure we take care of our clients when it comes to Probation. We provide one of the best Indianapolis Probation Violation Lawyer in the Central Area. Indiana law currently states the following:

Two separate supervision systems that oversee individuals who have been convicted of a criminal offense. The probation system convicted of a criminal offense. The probation system supervises individuals according to court sentences. These sentences are given in place of incarceration. The Indiana parole system supervises individuals who are released from jail or prison early. It states that over the past few years almost 80,000 individuals were supervised by the state for adult felony and other individuals were supervised by local county Community Corrections departments as part of parole.

Indianapolis Probation Violation Lawyer

Hayes Law Office Probation Violation Lawyer

Our Indianapolis Probation Violation Lawyer understands that’s bringing on Probation comes with several different requirements such as check-ins and random drug testing. In some cases being on Probation can go on for many years. We understand that it is sometimes hard for individuals to follow all the regulations. If you or a loved one were accused of violating probation and worried about judge will increase your probation or send you to jail/state prison.

To avoid those allegations and increases in probation, you need to start looking for an Attorney that defines clients and assisting them with probation and Community Corrections compliance. The passionate Indianapolis criminal defense attorney at Hayes Law Office which has years of experience with many different cases ranging from DUI/OWI, Drug Charges, Expungements, Specialized Driving Privileges, Traffic Violations, Firearm Defense, Domestic Violence, Property Crimes, and Violent Crimes. Give us a call today to discuss your violation allegations, call us at  (317) 759-1515 today.

The terms included in Probation or Parole

In some cases, a judge can sentence you to a period in jail, but allow that time to be spent on probation with the correct behavior. If you follow all the allegations and requirements then you will be finished with probation and sentencing. But if you don’t follow the requirements or violate probation, you will then be sent to prison to finish your remaining sentence. If you or a loved one are on probation please call Hayes Law Office today and schedule a meeting with our Indianapolis Probation Violation Lawyer. When sentenced to probation, you will be focused to report to your assisted probation officer and you must follow all the set rules and obligations set for you. This could include the following:

Indiana Probation Violation Lawyer

Common Violations that Indianapolis Probation Violation Lawyer Deal With:

Hayes Law Office Probation Attorney

What To Do Next

If you or a loved one have violated your probation please give us a call today. Hayes Law Office understands that violating probation or parole can lead to you being sent to jail or prison. Our Indianapolis Probation Violation Lawyer has a successful track record for reinstatement or termination for many clients. Our Attorney Philip Hayes takes pride in providing the best outcome for your case or situation. We take this opportunity and responsibility seriously for all of our clients looking for an Indianapolis Probation Violation Lawyer.

Client Review
Probation Violation Review

“I must truly say I can’t thank this law office enough. Got me off house arrest and probation within cpl of hours. I’m from Montgomery County Indiana and I would totally pay extra to have these people on my side.”

– Chad B.


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