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Family lawis an area of law that deals with domestic relationships, including marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships and divorce.  For many, experiencing family legal matters, such as divorce and child custody issues are emotionally traumatic and troublesome.  Hayes Law is fully committed to using their knowledge and skill to help you resolve sensitive family issues as efficiently as possible.

We embrace the idea that every family problems is unique to the individuals involved and require exceptional solutions.  Hayes Law has an established history of working hard to minimize the complexities and uncertainties of family legal issues.  We also work hard to deliver optimistic outcomes for our clients’ future.

We are committed to the highest standards of creativity and excellence on behalf of our clients.  Whether you’re legal matter involve divorce, child custody, child support and/or a property settlement, Attorney Philip Hayes is dedicated to minimizing conflicts for families and is determined to find the best possible solution for each client.

Providing sensitivity and compassion through your legal difficulties

Through the process of divorce, where business valuations, division of stocks and retirements accounts, custody evaluations, parental relocations or other delicate family legal matters are present, Hayes Law will guide you through these legal difficulties with expertise, sensitivity and compassion.  Our firm believes that every client deserves plain talk and a straightforward explanation of their legal options.

Hayes Law understands the stress that family law matters can bring into your life.  We have experience in all aspects of these cases including:



It is necessary and essential for each individual facing the challenges of a family legal matter to have firm representation and a team of legal advocates who are dedicated and focused on your case.  Hayes Law maintains your best interest while minimizing stress and ensuring that the legal process continues to move forward.  We listen carefully to your problems, concern, and your hopes for the future.  Contact theHayes Law Office to schedule a free consultation.


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