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At Hayes Law, we have extensive experience assisting our clients with complex child support matters including calculations, modifications and enforcement.  In order to guarantee that we have the complete financial picture from the beginning, we go to considerable measures to make sure that both parents provide complete financial disclosure.  We take the time to explain the support process to our clients and to review the Indiana Child Support Guidelines ensure that we have the most accurate child support calculations.

In the State of Indiana, support is calculated using a formula that configures the support amount required of each parent.  The Indiana Guideline factors include the parents’ income, expenses, number of children involved, parenting time arrangements and special needs of the children.  It is essential that accurate numbers are entered into the formula to confirm that an accurate support number is generated.  At Hayes Law Office, we know the exact types of income that should be included.  We will look closely at your former spouse’s income statements and make sure that all eligible income is included.

If there has been a substantial change in the circumstances of your former spouse, we may be able to get the support requirement adjusted to more accurately reflect the current situation.  If your former spouse has stopped making monthly support payments, or when back support has accumulated to an arrearage balance, we will petition the court to force compliance and enforcement.  We will also advocate on your behalf for a modification if there is a need to modify your divorce decree, or anoriginal child support order.  Contact the Hayes Law Officeto schedule a free consultation.


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