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At Hayes Law, we work with you to develop reasonable custody and parenting time arrangements.  We understand that nothing is more important to parents than the well-being of their children.  We are experienced and knowledgeable in developing creative custody solutions and understand that custody and parenting time disputes can be very difficult on children.  If you are involved in a parenting timeor child custody dispute it is critical that you find highly qualified legal representation.  Attorney Philip Hayesworks diligently to resolve custody disputes while fully safeguarding the rights of his clients.

Hayes Lawwill help you understand your options and help you make informed decisions for you and your children.  Every client can rely on us for a clear legal understanding regarding decisions of custody.

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In the State of Indiana,custody and visitation proceedings involve decisions that take into account each parent’s rights with regard to the physical and legal custody of the child.  Physical custodydefines where the child resides.  In a joint custody arrangement, the child will split time living with each parent separately.  If sole custody is awarded, the child lives with one parent while the other parent exercises their visitation rights, also referred to as parenting time.  Legal custody defines each parent’s authority to make decisions on behalf of the child including major medical decisions, where the child attends school, the faith or religion the child practices and the child’s participation in extracurricular activities.

When the parties involved are unable to reach an agreement on parenting time or a custody issue, we make sure that our clients understand all potential outcomes and resolutions.  When matters of custody are left unresolved we will provide highly qualified representation as strong advocates in the courtroom. Contact the Hayes Law Office to schedule a free consultation.


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