What is Battery?

An argument that gets out of hand can easily end up as a battery or battery related charge. Have you found yourself in a physical altercation that may or may not have been your fault? The charge has the ability to cause major destruction on your future. It may hinder your ability to obtain a job, cause you to pay expensive fines, or even serve jail time. Many simple charges are fights that got out of hand. You may even have the ability for the charges in your case to be reduced or even dropped. However, every case is different. At Hayes Law Office, we will evaluate the facts of your situation and apply our experience and knowledge to give you the best possible representation.


If you are accused of knowingly or intentionally touching anyone in a manner that is rude, angry, or insolent, you could face a Class B Misdemeanor charge. This offense can carry up to 180 days in jail or county and fines up to $1,000.
Different circumstances can potentially elevate the charge to a higher level.

  • Class A Misdemeanor Battery can carry up to one year in jail and $5,000 in fines.
  • Class D Felony Battery can potentially carry a sentence of 6 months to 3 years in prison, as well as fines.
  • Class C Felony Battery can carry from 2 to 8 years in prison, as well as fines.
  • Class B Felony Battery can carry from 6 to 20 years in prison, as well as fines.
  • Class A Felony Battery can carry from 20 to 50 years in prison, as well as fines.

This Law can become complicated. In order to properly understand the charges you face, contact the Hayes Law Office to schedule a free consultation. Call 317-759-1515or email the office.


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