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Why do you need an Indianapolis disorderly conduct lawyer? We’ve seen it all before. There’s the cookout that gets a bit too much out of hand, and ultimately the police are called. When the police are called, they decide to make an arrest. The person(s) that are arrested at the event/protest/cookout/concert just happen to be charged with disorderly conduct. For times such as these, you need effective, competent and aggressive legal representation. We are one of Indiana’s best criminal defense lawyers. Call us. We can help.

What is a disorderly conduct criminal charge?

According to theIndiana Court of Appeals, the legal definition of disorderly conduct is when a person who recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally:

  1. Engages in fightingor in tumultuous conduct
  2. Makes unreasonable noiseand continues to do so after being asked to stop
  3. Disrupts a lawful assembly of persons; commits disorderly conduct

You need to be aware that generally the type of laws allow police officers to arrest people whose public behavior is disruptive, generally offensive or whose actions interfere with the general enjoyment of public spaces by other people. Often these act as “catch all” laws that address behavior that would be considered tumultuous, severely disruptive, and possibly dangerous.

Disruptive Behavior Is the Difference

Disruptive behavior includes behavior that can readily seen such as, physical aggression, excessive argumentativeness, stealing, and other forms of defianceor a resistance to authority. Political protests have often been grouped or treated under Indiana disorderly conduct law.

Can you go to jail for disorderly conduct in Indiana?

In Indiana, if you are charged withdisorderly conductyou are looking at a Class B misdemeanor. Penalties in Indiana for disorderly conduct, include a fine of up to $1,000, up to six months in jail, or both. Generally speaking however, most people that get aconvictionfor disorderly conduct either end up with a fine or a fine and probation. With the stakes so high with a disorderly conduct charge it makes sense for you to call a lawyer that can handle a disorderly conduct charge in Indiana.

When is disorderly conduct a felony in Indiana?

Disorderly conduct is primarily a misdemeanorin the State of Indiana, however, there are a few instances when disorderly conduct is considered a felony. In Indiana, disorderly conduct becomes a felonywhen it:

  1. adversely affects airport security;  and
  2. is committed in an airport (as defined in IC 8-21-1-1 ) or on the premises of an airport, including in a parking area, a maintenance bay, or an aircraft hangar.

(c) The offense described in subsection (a) is aLevel 6 felonyif it:

(1) is committed within five hundred (500) feet of:

(A) the location where a burial is being performed;

(B) a funeral procession, if the person described in subsection (a) knows that the funeral procession is taking place;  or

(C) a building in which:

(i) a funeral or memorial service;  or

(ii) the viewing of a deceased person; is being conducted;  and

(2) adversely affects the funeral, burial, viewing, funeral procession, or memorial service.


An Indiana Lawyer for Your Needs

Nearly every state has a disorderly conduct law on the books. Often disorderly conduct law includes laws such as public intoxication,disturbing the peace, loitering and so on. Indiana is no different, which is why you need an attorney that can help navigate Indiana’s disorderly conduct law that will help achieve the best outcome for your situation. Call or email us today for help.

An Indiana disorderly conduct lawyer

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