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Preparing to talk about your past in a job interview

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Drug Crime Defense

Preparing for a job interview in Indiana might get more interesting when you have drug convictions on your criminal record. You may feel concerned about how to respond to inquiries without botching your shot at a job.

Your ability to retain control of your image will require practice in advance of your interview. Knowing how to discuss your past the right way may improve your confidence and your delivery.

Have integrity and poise

Bending the truth about what happened in your past may seem like the easy way out. However, compromising honesty for convenience could backfire if your new employer requires a background check. Your actions may also interfere with your morale because you know you did not provide an honest description of events.

When talking about your past, honesty will go a lot further. Think beforehand about how to tell your story in a concise, dignified manner. When the time comes to talk with an interviewer, maintain eye contact. Use professional language. Then redirect their attention to the lessons you have learned along the way.

Highlight self-improvement

Sure you made mistakes in the past, but chances are you learned a great deal and have improved a lot since then. Take advantage of an opportunity to talk and highlight the improvements you have made. According to Monster, your job is to provide context about your drug convictions before the interviewer’s imagination jumps in. Do not focus on what happened so much as on what you gained from your experience.

Describe your skills to the interviewer and how you can make a difference in the workplace. Your conduct throughout the interview can reinforce your skills and character. Even with convictions on your record, you have a winning chance at completing a successful job interview.