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When it comes to parenting time it most likely comes down to people with views on what is best for their children after a divorce or separation between the two parents. We want to walk you through the different steps that we believe are important to get this done correctly and effectively.

The Children Come First

When first deciding a Parenting Schedule, it has to work with the children’s schedule. You have to know what is the best timing for the child because they could be involved in programs after schools like sports and different clubs. And once that’s over they might still have homework to get done. With that being said when putting a working schedule together you have to think about the child first. The schedule should be able to work with the child schedule and not against it where the child is focused to make changes in their life. This isn’t fair to the child. If the child is between the age of 5-14 years old you must keep in mind it might take time for the child to adjust to the schedule change from going house to house. In some cases, these changes can have an emotional impact on the child so please be aware of this ahead of time. The Indiana Parenting Time Guideline breaks this down very clearly in several different sources.

Do The Schedule Work For You

Are you making sure the new Parenting schedule working with your Job Schedule? This is very important because you don’t want to risk getting fired from your job or having your job at risk because of a mix up on the parenting schedule. For example, if one parent Is working first-shift while another one is working third-shift, the parent that’s working third-shift has to be fine with not having a lot of midweeks overnight stays from the child. So the first-shift parent will have more time with the child during those days and hours. This will be ineffective right away is the child is younger because they will be in school while the parent is working first shift.

The Courts are going to use Logic when making this Decision

The courts will favor the parent that checks off the most boxes that go in favor of the child. When courts make these decisions it will come down to which parent lives closer to the child school. This is important because the courts don’t want the child to have to change schools or environments due to their parents’ differences. The courts will check to see which parents currently have the most involvement with the child at the time of the making of this schedule. For example, if one parent is more involved with the child schooling and after school programs/sports then the courts will consider that. Changing this or effecting this can hurt the child.

Have a digital copy and a physical copy of the Indiana Parenting Time Guideline

Lastly, please have an updated schedule that has times filled out and schedule planned out in a month or two in advance to avoid any issues later. These will help avoid confusion or a time mix up on either side. By having two copies of the schedule, it shouldn’t be an issue about who suppose to have certain times with the child so that each parent can plan accordingly.

Need a copy of the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines

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