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Indiana Parenting Guidelines: Holidays Visitation

Here at Hayes Law Office we understand the importance of Indiana Parenting Guidelines and Parenting time. Focus on developing a program that will ensure that children are provided with the parenting time which they are entitled to.

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Holidays Visitation

During the holiday seasons, it’s very important to understand a scheduling parenting time is more difficult when separate households are involved. The purpose of these guidelines is to provide a model that may be adjusted depending upon the unique needs and situations of each family.

At Hayes Law Office we understand different holidays are coming up like ThanksgivingChristmas, and New Year. The schedule should be able to work with the child schedule and not against it where the child is focused to make changes in their life. During the holidays both parents need to be on the same page and schedule.

Parenting and Child Time

Here at Hayes Law Office, we understand that a child whose parents live apart has special needs related to the parent-child relationship. The parents must understand the child’s needs and this needs to be in consideration when negotiating parenting time. With this being said both parents should create a parenting time agreement that addresses the unique needs of the child and their circumstances. This will result in an easy and organized parenting schedule.

Need an Indiana Parenting Guidelines Physical or Digital Copy for the Holiday Season

Coming into this holiday season it’s important to have an updated schedule that has times filled out and schedule planned out 3 weeks in advance. This will help avoid confusion or a time mix up between each household. By having a few copies of the schedule, it won’t be an issue about who suppose to have certain times with the child during the holidays so that each parent can plan accordingly.

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