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Albert Serrano



Albert "Al" Serrano is an attorney with nearly 20 years experience in all types of legal matters, though his passion and expertise is in criminal defense. Prior to joining Hayes Law, Serrano served Marion County as both a Deputy Prosecutor and Public Defender, which strengthened his ability to identify all sides of a legal argument and apply them. In his 14 years with the Public Defender's Agency, Serrano served as a supervising attorney for over half of his tenure, and has tried and overseen over a hundred jury and bench trials. Throughout, Serrano has served clients in a private capacity as well, having appeared and applied his craft all over Greater Indiana and in Immigration Court.

At Hayes Law, Serrano doesn't rely on the staff or client's family members to communicate with his Spanish speaking clients. He is a true bilingual attorney that restructured the Marion County PD's Interpretive Services Unit, interviewing prospective staff himself to test their Spanish acumen. Serrano is "Mi Abogado" in every sense of the term.

Albert Serrano is a member of the Indianapolis Bar Association and a proud 2002 graduate of Indiana University (Mauer) School of Law.